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Pros & Cons of Installing a Walk-In Tub in Your Home

November 9, 2022

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Are you considering a walk-in tub for your home? If so, you’re making an excellent investment! Step-in tubs offer many benefits, especially for those with balance issues and other health concerns. Their built-in seating also creates a more comfortable experience for anyone who needs to get off their feet!

However, there are a few downsides to installing a walk-in tub. Before you decide if one is right for your home, you might note their pros and cons. Then, discuss your needs with a tub installer near you as needed. Above all, remember to heed your doctor’s advice when it comes to safe bathing in your home!

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Why Choose a Walk-In Tub for Your Home

First, note some advantages of a walk-in tub for your home. Second, you can talk more about your home’s space and your needs with a tub installer near you.

Stepping over a tub wall is often difficult for anyone with arthritis or similar conditions in the knees and hips. Also, stepping over that wall puts tremendous pressure on the back. It’s also difficult to stay balanced when you need to lift one foot that far off the ground! In turn, a step-in tub means less physical discomfort for anyone with joint pain, back trouble, and similar concerns.

Additionally, tub floors are often slick and dangerous, even with nonslip tape or grab bars. Having one foot in that slippery tub while lifting the other over the tub wall risks falls. These risks increase for anyone who might already be unsteady on their feet. On the other hand, a step-in tub means not having to balance on that wet, slick surface.

Also, note that step-in tubs include built-in seating. These are excellent for anyone who finds standing in a shower or lifting and lowering off a tub floor difficult. For example, bariatric patients or those with pain in their feet or legs might appreciate safe seating in the bath! Patients with breathing disorders or those prone to dizzy spells also find it’s useful to sit while bathing.

Lastly, note that these safety features also mean a private and more comfortable bathing experience! Anyone experiencing these health concerns might not need to rely on a caregiver to bathe. Built-in seating can also mean less pressure on the back, hips, and joints, for less pain overall. This means less concern for both patients and caregivers when it comes to bathing and personal care!

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What Are the Problems With a Walk-In Tub?

While a walk-in tub offers many benefits, there are a few downsides to their installation. One, some homeowners find their appearance a bit bulky and unsightly. Two, their built-in seating doesn’t typically allow you to stretch out while bathing or soaking.

Also, most step-in bathtubs use more water than a standard tub, which means higher water bills every month. Additionally, they typically cost more than most bathtub or shower installations. Homeowners might also find them difficult to use for bathing children, washing pets, and the like.

Lastly, note that users typically need to sit in a walk-in tub until it drains. Some might take 6 to 15 minutes to empty completely. However, some fast-draining models empty in less than four minutes, so you can get out of the tub just that quickly.

What Is an Alternative to a Walk-In Tub?

While walk-in tubs are excellent for many homeowners, you might consider some alternatives. For instance, a step-in shower is useful for many people, especially wheelchair users. Step-in showers have a small lip, or no ledge at all, along their edge. As with walk-in tubs, this eliminates the need to step over a tub wall.

Additionally, a step-in shower might include built-in seating or grab bars, for added safety and comfort. These showers offer the advantage of a showerhead and lots of space, but remember that you can’t soak in one!

Slide-in tubs are also a great alternative to a step-in tub. These tubs have wider doors and a more accessible seat. In turn, a user opens the door and sits on the seat, and then slides their legs into the tub. This design allows wheelchair users to transfer in and out of the tub easily.

Does Having a Walk-In Tub Devalue Your Home?

According to Consumer Affairs, a walk-in tub can add value to your home, depending on where you live! For instance, in areas with a large retiree population, homebuyers might appreciate a step-in tub.

On the other hand, some homebuyers might prefer a more standard bathtub or shower area. If you’re considering selling your home, speak to a real estate agent. He or she can advise on desired home features in your neighborhood.

Is a Walk-In Tub a Good Idea?

When deciding on a walk-in tub, remember that nothing is more important than your safety! A step-in tub keeps your feet safely on the ground and means less pressure on your back and joints. Also, step-in tubs mean more relaxing bathing for many users, as said. You can transfer in and out of the tub with little risk of falling and sit comfortably as well.

Along with added comfort, increased safety can mean added privacy in the bath. You might not need to rely on a caregiver when you invest in a walk-in tub. This also means peace of mind for everyone in the family as well as the patient!

Columbus Walk-In Bath Solutions is proud to offer this information about the pros and cons of walk-in tubs. Hopefully, you found it useful in making your decision! Also, you can contact our Columbus walk-in bathtub installation contractors for advice. If you’re in the area, we’ll schedule a free consultation and price quote at your earliest convenience. For more information, contact us right now.

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